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Letters are vivid, beautiful, and essential to our lives. Individually, letters can stand as initials, signifying other ideas. Collectively, letters transcend their individuality, becoming words that carry meanings, histories, and lives. The letter M, for example, can signify many things. In metric measurements, M is the unit for mega, or million. But when it precedes six other carefully chosen and perfectly ordered letters, it becomes a name, my name: Margrét.

When I was a child growing up in Iceland, I sometimes played with letters and names by stacking them - one letter on top of the other. There were many benefits to my little game of layering letters. For one thing, it was easier to keep my childhood crushes private. It was this innocent activity that became the inspiration for myname mystory.

Using a cherished document as a foundation—a romantic missive, a birth certificate, a concert ticket, a marriage license - letters can be layered on top, forming a name and creating a stacked collage where the identity of an individual and some resonant fragment from their life are bound together in a manner that is informative, evocative, and unique.

myname and mystory become one, giving life to a piece of art.

myname mystory is a Registered Trademark in Iceland. 

A personal photo of the sky when a baby was born and the baby's name
fonts & colors

Black is the original colour of the myname mystory´s font. If you prefer other colours I will also make a beautiful coloured myname mystory piece. Originally we use a thin font but a bold font is also an option.

rframes &  fittings

The frame for myname mystory is one size and measures 290 mm x 270 mm. The fittings reach 40,5 mm from a wall. The frame is made from acrylic and the fixings are chrome or gold. 


I truly enjoy designing to preserve.  That way people  treasure important documents that integrate with elegant letters forming  names, becoming the unique myname mystory piece.

My former experience is in Marketing at Blue Lagoon Iceland, in Journalism for Channel 2 in Iceland,  and in PR in the telecommunication sector for Siminn.

Article in Hús og Híbýli on Margret and Name MyStory
Hús and Híbýli: an articl on Margret and MyName MyStory
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