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creative process

my name​​


I use quality acid free paper. The name is printed as the letters pile up and form the unique piece with the first letter in the name on top. Original myname mystory is upper case. Upon special request lower case are also available. 

my story


Using a cherished document as a foundation—a romantic missive, a birth certificate, a concert ticket, a marriage license—letters can be layered on top, forming a name and creating a stacked collage where the identity of an individual and some resonant fragment from their life are bound together in a manner that is informative, evocative, and unique.


myname and mystory become one, giving life to a piece of art.

framing & delivery
The frame is made of acrylic and it's one size - measures 270 mm x 290 mm. The fittings give the frame a space of 40,5 mm from the wall.

The myname mystory piece is carefully packed in a white quality cardboard box sent from Iceland to all over the world.


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