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orders & services

place the order

Send your order and information that includes the name of the receiver and I will follow up by asking you to send a scanned copy of the foundation that gives the personal depth to myname mystory. Please place your order here

choose the design

The original look of myname mystory is black and white. If you want it to be colourful I will do a colourful design according to your request. You can choose fittings in chrome or gold. Our favourite font is thin but we also offer bolder fonts upon request.

send the story

After placing your order here. I will follow up by asking you to send a scanned copy of the cherished document. Since each myname mystory each piece is unique.

time & delivery

When your myname mystory is ready it will be shipped to you or sent as digital piece.  Please contact me in good advance if you have a deadline for the gift since delivery time is depending on distance and shipping process.

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