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myname mystory piece
ISK          11.800               
USD         80                                                                             
Add another myname mystory piece to the same purchase. 
ISK          8.800                
USD        60                                                                             

myname mystory tattoos 
Make your favorite things personal with myname mystory digital.​ You get your digital version that gives you endless possibilities. (Emma/Noah as tattoos)


ISK            6.000             
USD          40                 
Framed myname mystory & digital 
ISK           15.800           
USD         108                
delivery cost

myname mystory is handmade in Iceland personally for people anywhere in the world  and shipped abroad. The cost of shipping is free.

Note: The framed piece: package is around 820 gr. and the piece is 640 gr.

gift card

MyName MyStory gift card is a special and a unique gift to give the parents of a new born to use when a child has been given name.

MyName MyStory gift cards are available as digital versions or in a box to be sent to you.

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