myname mystory digital
  • myname mystory digital


    myname mystory digital gives you the oportunity to use your imagination and have your personal myname mystory printed on your favorite things. 

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      You will have your digital myname mystory sent to you via email when it is ready. You can print it out and have it framed or print it on your favorite things. It is a unique gift to give to anyone you care about.  Each myname mystory piece is hand made in Iceland and made specially for each customer.


      myname mystory takes pride in the quality of this unique product. Attention to design, materials and construction are our top priorities.

      If digital myname mystory gets lost we will keep it on our files for two months. It  is possible to have another digital version sent within that period ot time for  20% of the original price. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm the initials/name/document are displayed as they wish for them to appear on the product being ordered.

      Once you have placed an order through our website, you will receive a confirmation email. Please take this opportunity to confirm that all order details are correct. Should you notice that the personalization was entered incorrectly, contact at


      Shipping does not apply when myname mystory is digital.