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myname mystory 

myname mystory piece is personal and unique - designed specially for every person. While treasuring an important document it is created to integrate beautifully with a name shaped by elegant letters piling up, forming that unique myname mystory piece to be hanged on the wall.

Order your myname mystory piece here.


myname mystory tattoo

The name of your loved ones as a myname mystory tattoo.​

Once you have received your digtal version of myname mystory use your imagination to have it printed on things, framed to your taste or as a tattoo. 

 Order your digital myname mystory here.


Gift card for that unique and personal gift

myname mystory gift card

myname mystory gift card is special and a unique gift to give the parents of a new born - for them to get a personal piece of art when a child has been given name. By integrating the name with a birth certificate a beautiful myname mystory piece is created.

myname mystory gift cards are available as digital versions or in a box to be sent to you.

Buy myname mystory gift card here.

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